Dr. Lee Colwell and Richard T. Garcia


About Lee Colwell

Lee serves as CEO of the Pegasus Research Foundation and Program Executive of the Pegasus Program. He retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he served as Associate Director, the senior career position in the FBI. Lee is one of the leading figures in the United States on policy and technology for public administration, law enforcement, law enforcement information exchange and emergency management access. Lee brings to bear more than 4 decades of operational, management and senior level policy development and implementation experience in the criminal justice system.



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About Rich Garcia

Rich is a seasoned law enforcement and corporate security executive. He retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with 25 years of service, at the rank of Assistant Director. While at the FBI, among many other things, Rich managed the FBI’s use of telephony capabilities for law enforcement investigations and operations. He is currently CEO of NTI Investigative and Analytical Support Services, which provides investigative and asset forfeiture-related services to both the corporate and law enforcement communities. Rich is a member of the InfraGard National Member’s Alliance.

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